Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rice Bowl (Mock Chipotle)

I made this super easy, super yummy rice bowl today. It's really simple to put together you just need the ingredients. Think Chipotle Restaurant but this time you can add as much meat as you want, because we all know they skimp on the meat sometimes. Love you Chipotle but y'all be trippin'!

I found this amazing rice at Target in the frozen vegetables section. I always get peppers, onions, and corn in my bowl so I was super excited when I saw this:
Pop this baby in the microwave for 5 minutes and you have yummy rice. 

Next comes the meat. I also bought this fajita meat to make the other night for another dish and I had some left over. 
Put meat in a skillet with a little olive oil to brown up a bit. Super easy! 

I added some cheese, lettuce, salsa, cilantro, and sour cream and voila, instant rice bowl. It was sooooo good. It is perfect for a lunch or dinner. Feel free to add whatever type of meat you want. Next time I am going to add shrimp. I bet that will be so tasty. ENJOY! 

Rice Bowl

Cilantro Lime Rice (Archer Farms from Target is what I used)
Beef Fajita (Use whatever kind of meat you want)
Cheese (I used shredded cheddar)
Sour Cream (Pile on as much as you want)
Salsa (I used Trader Joe's brand because it's my favorite)
Lettuce (I used mixed greens)
Cilantro (dice up and sprinkle on top once complete) 

Pile it all in a bowl and enjoy. 

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  1. Yum!!! Great idea - one that I might need to try seeing as I've had chipotle 3 times this week 😳