Saturday, September 12, 2015

Blue Apron Meals -2

I received my Blue Apron meal again a few weeks ago. This time it was Mexican-Style Tortas, Crispy Catfish, and Steaks and Roasted Potatoes. All of the food was super delicious and definitely something that I could make on my own if I was not the cook that I am! HA!!

I have to say that my favorite was the tortas. They were so delicious and paired with avocado made it even more yummy. The bread was super fresh and soft, I had to make a panini press using two pans.....note to self, get a panini maker......but it was still super good. 

The steaks and potatoes were very well seasoned. My husband loved the steaks. He even raved about them the next day to some friends. When he does this I know it had to be good. 

The catfish was good, but not my favorite. I am not a big fan of catfish. It tastes a little too fishy to me. I don't even really like fried catfish. I know I love my southern food and catfish it pretty high up there on the southern food list, but it's just not my favorite fish. The dish overall was pretty good. 

Will I keep doing Blue Apron
-Maybe. Maybe not. It's not a bad price for the amount of food you get. The ingredients are fresh and it keeps me from going to the grocery store and spending a fortune every week on fresh produce and meat. I like how everything is prepackaged and all I have to do is wash off a few veggies and chop. I might try doing this on a Sunday food prep day instead of after work. Then on the days I work, everything is done for me. We shall see. 

*not a sponsored post, just sharing what I love. 


  1. Loving these review posts!! But you don't like fried catfish?? Sadness ;)

    1. Like how I am just now replying to this! So SAD!!! So Catfish has this weird string in the middle of it that grosses me out. It also has a weird taste. I have to have it fried extra hard with a really flavorful crust in order to eat it.