Sunday, February 17, 2013

Paleo Lifestyle

Last summer (2012) I had the wonderful opportunity to lose weight.....LOL! This is just about every woman's dream. I lost 30 lbs. and I did it through the Paleo Lifestyle. A friend of mine introduced it to me. You can check out her blog here:  I Heart Groceries. We were discussing our health issues and she told me about how she had been researching the lifestyle. Later I read her blog and found out that she lost a ton of weight by completely following Paleo.

Now I sometimes fall off the wagon, especially during the holidays, and eat 3 pieces of pie in one sitting so I try to eat better on the next meal. My recipes are not always Paleo, I do live with a southern man who is not having any kind of "lifestyle" except "southern" so I tweak or add sides for him.

 How Mr. Lovely feels when I'm making Fried Pork Chops:

 The current book that I am reading is:

The Paleo Solution

I highly recommend doing your research before committing to this.

I like how this diet makes me feel. I am never really hungry and my stomach and face (acne) issues are disappearing. This lifestyle almost completely cuts out carbohydrates, gluten, and sugar in your diet. You will feel better and look better in no time.

(I am totally not getting paid by these people to write about this. I just want everyone to look healthy and feel fabulous!)

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