Friday, February 1, 2013

Reality TV Catch Up

I love my reality TV but I really think it warps my brain sometimes. I was talking to a fellow friend/coworker/blogger the other day and she agreed.......sometimes when you watch this crap you start thinking and feeling the same way.....Maybe I should start watching weight loss shows.

That finger gets me every time. LOL!'ve been eating bad lately and I am going to think of Miss Kenya every time I eat a cupcake for breakfast. It's bad.

Speaking of Miss Kenya.......WTF! I see her point, but I don't. Just because someone calls you crazy doesn't mean you show up to an event looking and acting crazy. That outfit was too funny. All the working out in the world would not give me enough confidence or lack of mental capacity to embarrass myself like she did.

Vanderpump Rules

I have decided to stop watching Vanderpump Rules. Stassi is so extra and I cannot watch her anymore. She is a mean girl and loves that people are afraid of love her. She works as a waitress and lives off of making others lives miserable.


I really like this show but Brandi is a lot. I thought there were going to be more people at the pole class but I guess it was only her cronies. I really like Kyle R. I feel like although she is BH royalty (whatever that means) she is still down to earth and real.

I do like Yolanda F. She seems really down to earth and I like her healthy mentality. I like how she has lemon trees in her elaborate garden. Did anyone else notice how she cooks all of the kind of woman. I think I want to be Yolanda when I grow up.....just not married to David Foster.

Love and Hip Hop

I am still not quite sure how I feel about this new cast. Joe Budden is a show himself. His choice of words and reactions have me glued to the tv. The chics are boring and that Erica chick is soooo Ratchet (Capital "R"). Her relationship with Rich is a big YAWN. What is it about him that looks weird? Moving on....

That is about all I watched this week. There were a few new shows that I checked out but I don't care enough didn't finish watching them.

      Until next week

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