Sunday, April 21, 2013

More TV stuff

I love Reality TV but lately I have been into a lot of cooking shows. Now don't get me wrong.....I will always watch every episode of any RHOAnything buuuuuttttttt I have noticed that a lot of the cooking shows are up to date and currently filmed, which I like. I mean who wants to watch an old episode on how to make meatloaf sandwich...gross! Some of my favorite cooking shows are:


Martha Stewart Cooking School
 This is on PBS and I usually have to DVR it since it comes on Saturday afternoons around 12? central standard time. You can actually watch some of her shows online. Just click on the link above.

Martha Bakes
This is another episode that come on right before the cooking school show. It just started coming on and it is all about baking. Last Saturday she made 3 different types of cheesecakes......YES!  Click on the link above to see some of the videos.
Ree Drummond
Pioneer Woman
I am in love with this woman. I own one of her cookbooks and read her personal book about how she and her husband got together. She is super sweet and I give her super credit for being a city girl and living on a farm. Oh the things us girls do for love! Her food is not very hip and thigh friendly but I love it none the less.  She also has a personal blog that I am addicted to reading. Click on the link above to see her Food Network stuff. Click here: "Pioneer Woman" for her personal blog.

Giada at Home
Giada is my second all time favorite Italian chef. Sorry but Mario Batali....he is definitely numero UNO. He makes me want to quit my teaching job, become a chef, and wear orange crocs everyday! Except mine would be pink of course.

Please set your DVR up to record these shows. They are amazing and worth the break from Reality TV.

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