Sunday, July 21, 2013

NOLA- My Love Pt. 2

Hopefully I can finish the trip on this post but I highly doubt it. As I was speaking to my father this evening I thought about the conversation that I had with many of the people on my trip. I love food....not just because I am hungry.....but because I like the way it is prepared. I like to taste something and figure out how it was constructed. The downside is that I have a really hard time keeping my thoughts to myself. I find that I speak out loud to others at the table. Case is point-Mr. Lovely could care less about how food is prepared. As long as his belly is full after eating he is fine. He could care less about what type of extract or spice is included. Many of the ladies on the trip shared the same passion for food as me. We enjoyed many amazing restaurants and spent time discussing ingredients and flavors.

Side note- I accidently broke the screen/lens on my phone so when I take pictures it shines a weird light. I didn't want to take my actual camera so all of these pictures are kind of blurry.

Our conference began so we did not have much time to go to breakfast and lunch. My roomie and I ate some amazing protein bars, tea, water, turkey jerkey, etc. so that we would not have to spend a lot on breakfast. She introduced me to these new bars by Nature Valley :
These are soooooo good. I later compared them to lots of other protein and meal replacement bars and these by far are the best for you. They have 10 grams of protein and they are not high in sugar, carbs, or calories. Since we were doing a lot of walking I definitely enjoyed these. Thanks roomie for the recommendation.

For lunch the conference provided us with po'boys (turkey and ham sandwiches), cookies, and packets of mayo and mustard.

So the next day I ditched the fake po'boy and gave it to the homeless. Many other people felt the same way so they also gave away their meals and followed me to the first ever Popeye's on Canal St.

I'll take a two piece, white, spicy, with mashed potatoes and a sweet tea. I wish I would have gotten the red beans and rice. It was so good.
The conference was cool but not what I expected. I wanted to learn a little more about what other states are doing and how they are handling the new Common Core Standards in comparison to our Texas TEKS. There were a few workshops that I really loved.
This book is great for teaching students about adding more/on and patterns.

The math problem from the book. The teacher wanted to give us a more advanced problem and we had to figure out the formula. Yeah I pretty much sucked at it.

I totally need these!

Here is how you use the stuff from above. It balances the numbers. It's great for teaching about combinations.
We later went to eat at another amazing restaurant. We took the St. Charles Line Trolly (not sure if that is the correct way to write it). We saw so many amazing homes, landscaping, and eateries. They unfortunately were working on the trolly line so we had to stop and take the bus the rest of the way until we got to the restaurant.

Once we got off of the bus we went straight into The Camellia Grill. It is a quaint little diner-like restaurant. There are maybe 45 seats in the whole restaurant. Everything is made on the grill and the waiters wear white coats with black bowties, classic! I had an amazing swiss cheese and mushroom burger with fries and a chocolate pecan pie that was to die for. Yes they cook the pecan pie on the grill!

Total phone pic!
On our way back after feeling like we ate two small baby elephants we stopped at Tulane University. This is a beautiful school.
We didn't have much time to look around because it started thundering pretty hard. We decided to bypass the thunderstorm and started walking back to get the trolly. We got to see a lot of the houses up close. They were remarkable. I would post picks but I don't want to be sued! J/K

The last two restaurants need their own post. You will just have to wait......

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