Thursday, July 18, 2013

NOLA- My Love

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit an amazing city. New Orleans, La. I went to a math conference hosted by NCTM. It was really engaging and I was grateful for the opportunity. I learned a lot but I left assured that what and how I am teaching my students is definitely beneficial and we are ahead of the game. I am hoping to improve even more in this new year and use at least 3 new things I learned.

New Orleans has got to be number one on my list of places that I have always wanted to visit. I would make plans to go but I never got around to actually going. I went with some of my current and new team members and some of the 2nd grade team members. We had so much fun and I am so grateful that I got a chance to spend time with these lovely ladies. They all have such unique personalities.

Here we go:

We first arrived to New Orleans on a Wednesday afternoon and we were ready to explore as soon as we got there. We stayed about a mile away from Canal St., which is a very "important" street in NOLA. It's were a lot of the fun happens! We walked everywhere!! I had blisters for days and had to ditch the cute sandals and dresses for jeans, workout clothes, and tennis shoes.

After getting checked in at the hotel we headed off to a quaint little restaurant called Cochon......OMG! Best restaurant...hands down!! We all sat at a round table and ordered amazing side items, sandwiches, meat pies, etc. We each took a plate and buffet styled it. I had (don't judge) mac and cheese, creamy grits, fried oyster and bacon sandwich, crawfish pie, eggplant and shrimp dressing, twice baked potato, and maybe some more that I can't remember. This food was so amazing. I highly recommend going to this restaurant.

After it was over we walked around and saw the sights. We made our way down to Burbon St. and then headed to Cafe Du Monde for a late night snack of beignets and cafe au lait. I die for beignets. This was my first time having them and I swear I ate my weight in them.

We walked home (to our hotel) and discussed what we would eat the next day. We agreed to try Mother's and Cafe Beignet. The conference did not officially start until 1:30 that day so we had more than enough time to play. They had some light hors d'oeuvres at a meet and greet for the conference but we all knew that that would never fill our tummies. We headed out to Mother's, which was right down the street. I had shrimp creole with cabbage and collard greens. I tasted the crawfish etouffee but it could have used a little seasoning...tabasco. I also tasted the Ferdi Special. This is a great po'boy but I would never eat it on my own. This is definitely something to share with a friend or more.

Me channeling my inner Beyonce. I sat at the same table LUCKY!

We continued to walk around afterward and check out a few sites. We had to be up early the next day to start the conference so we decided we would meet up at Cafe Beignet to try their beignets and cafe au lait.

These are by far the best beignets. They are doughy and yummy! I did not like the cafe au lait as much as I did at Cafe Du Monde though. I would definitely try to mix the two for the perfect amount of Heaven!

I will continue to post more pics soon in my recap of NOLA. For now I am missing Luther.....if you have not checked out this show you are really missing out. It's on BBC and stars Idris Elba.

Until next post!


  1. I'm gunna need one of those beignets right now!!! Having cafe beignet withdrawals!

    1. No kidding! They were amazing. I only hope the mix tastes the same.

  2. That was a great re-cap of your trip! I felt like I waa there. Next time u will be there with you in beinet heaven!