Monday, September 30, 2013

Mini Vacay

See These Yummy things!!! They are Geauxsicles
I posted this yummy picture because if you are ever in Shereveport, LA you need to get these ASAP!  
Geauxsicles uses real, wholesome ingredients to make their delicious popsicles. They are quite good! 

I had the honey, lemon, and strawberry pop. It was quite tangy but perfect for a summer day. It's actually called Summertime. 

Little Miss K. eating her Strawberry Chance pop.

After the popsicle extravaganza we went to Margaritaville Casino and Hotel. Mr. Lovely was looking for a place to watch LSU play.  This place was pretty cool and they gave us fun Wiki-Sticks to play with.

We wanted to try Strawn's Pies. They have been written about in Southern Living Magazine. They are known for their Strawberry Pie. We got that and the Chocolate and they both were amazing. 

These amazing apples are so HUGE!! Honeycrisps are in season and they are so good!

This is Little Miss K. making her first roux for the Etouffee that we made. 

Here is the Etouffee. The Greenery is sauteed Kale topped with shaved parmesan. 

This was a very exciting and delicious experience for us. We are a cooking and eating family. Stay tuned for the Etouffee recipe. 

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