Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End of Summer Visits

This weekend was quite eventful. Between the wedding reception, Labor Day traffic, and out of towners who have no idea where anything is in my town!!!! *Google map it! I must say that we found the time to actually enjoy ourselves and EAT!

Mr. Lovely is a salesman. He has to go to different areas of town daily. On Saturday he decided to work and extra day and have me accompany him. Well of course I got hungry! P-Diddy and Mr. Lovely were telling me about QuikTrip/RaceTrac hot dogs. They always say how amazing they are and that I really need to try them. WELL......I finally did and let me be the first to say that they are SOOOOOOO good. I had no idea and they are 2 for $2.22. WHAT! (I really need to stop with all the caps lock) I had the jalapeno cheddar hot dog. They have buns that they keep in a warmer and lots of ketchup, mustard, onions, etc. for you to use. I'm a ketchup and mustard only kind of girl.
I do not go easy on condiments!
On Sunday we had a wedding reception to go to so we pretty much just ate there.

Monday I had a few errands to run so we decided to try a few places. We went to the new Trader Joe's on Greenville Ave. It was amazing and I promise to have a post about that soon.

The restaurant of choice was Chicken Scratch in Oak Cliff. This is a really unique type of restaurant that pretty much serves fried chicken. They have salads that you can add rotisserie chicken to but once you see the other tables devouring, eating their yummy plates, you will definitely wish you would have not chosen the salad.
I had the buffalo sandwich and of course Mr. Lovely had the plain. He is not an experimenter like me. Here is a pic of mine. No need to show his lameness.
The buffalo is a yummy concoction of fried chicken thigh, buffalo sauce, pickled celery, and blue cheese, all on a HUGE buttermilk biscuit. You can order sides also but I just had the sandwich.

The atmosphere is super casual with picnic benches, cactus, and rocks to give it a southern Texas feel. There are paper towels on each table and the plates are tin. This is a really cool place to go and I definitely recommend.

Afterward we went to my favorite snow cone spot. Aunt Stelle's Sno Cones has been open for years and it never disappoints. There are a ton of flavors but I prefer the strawberry. The ice is shaved just right to allow it to melt in your mouth with little crunch. The strawberry is not too sugary and you can definitely taste the flavor without all the processed sugar aftertaste. The prices are really reasonable but I would take cash (they might be cash only, I am not sure.).

It was a great tasty weekend!

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