Sunday, October 27, 2013


We went to an amazing restaurant in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. Oddfellows is a quaint little restaurant consisting of maybe 30 tables and a bar. We had the wonderful opportunity to visit them for brunch and it was soooo delightful. When we arrived we had to wait, it was a Sunday, after church, and it was beautiful outside, so.......There were some benches and tables outside so we sat (for almost an hour) and waited. After about 30 minutes a nice waitress came outside with some delicious, hot beignets. THANK YOU!!!!

We were later given a table and ordered more beignets. I ordered the green chile scramble, which consisted of eggs, salsa verde, brisket, mozzarella, and topped with tortilla strips. It came with a side of fruit and nut bread. So delicious.

Please excuse the horrible phone pics. I keep forgetting my camera. I need to do better with that. 

The hubby had fried chicken and waffles. The seasoning on the chicken was perfect, not too salty, not too spicy. There were three bountiful pieces of chicken that consisted of two thighs and a breast. The meal came with fruit and whipped cream.

Here are the beignets. They came with a side of lemon and honey. They go really heavy with the powdered sugar. Yes Please!!!! 

Here's the super cool restaurant. 

So if you are looking for a cool little brunch spot, definitely hit up Oddfellows

I'm not paid for this. I just like good food and want to share! 

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