Sunday, October 27, 2013

So Nice We Had to Have it Twice

So this happened again. We tried the brunch at we went back for dinner. Trust me when I tell you that we went on another day. I mean I'm not that greedy (sarcasm). 

I ordered the salmon farro and the hubby ordered the fried chicken. 

The salmon farro was magnificent. It is placed in an amazing lemon butter sauce that I wanted to pour in my mouth. It was topped with fried leekes and flat leaf parsley. It came with two sides so I ordered the house salad and mac & cheese. Oddfellows is known for their mac & cheese so I had to try it. It was topped with bread crumbs and my friends that was not the best part. I would have liked them toasted a bit with some butter and then maybe placed in the oven. It was almost as if they were scooped out of a big dish, plopped into a bowl and then topped with some bread crumbs. For the amount you pay, I think we can do better people. The salmon was great, not very flavorful but the lemon butter sauce helped. I think if the salmon was too flavorful it would have taken away from the sauce. Overall, I liked the meal but would probably order a different side. 

The hubby ordered fried chicken. Same seasoning and loveliness from the brunch meal.

In the middle of our feast you can see the beignets. 
You know we had to order more of those!

I liked the dinner menu. They had a lot of great choices and I know we will be back. I have my eye on a few different items that I must try. 

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