Friday, August 16, 2013

Au Lait

In continuing with my list of restaurants I want to try.....the hubby and I went to a sweet little spot called Eclair Bistro.
Here is how I added it to the list:
 Every morning I watch Good Morning Texas. This has become one of my favorite shows to watch in the morning. They highlight a lot of local DFW spots and offer a lot of free giveaways. April 15th was Julia Childs' birthday and Eclair Bistro's chef, Aaron, was there to discuss and introduce beef bourguignon and a seared duck breast.  Once he said French, NOLA, and Cedar Hill I knew I had to go.

Eclair Bistro is tucked away in Cedar Hill and it is definitely worth the stop. They pride themselves on classic French cuisine with a touch of New Orleans Cajun. This place did not disappoint. It is very quaint with maybe 12-15 tables. We did not make reservations but they were very inviting and had a cute little two seat table for us to sit at.

Eclair Bistro
One of the owners, David, greeted us as soon as we sat down. He was very polite and gave us a little history of the restaurant.
I ordered the crab cakes for an appetizer and the crab and corn bisque as my main. Mr. Lovely had the beef tenderloin medallions.
The crab appetizer was amazing. It consisted of three small crab cakes that were very fresh. You could tell that they were not reheated, but freshly prepared and cooked to order. There were bits of fresh crab accompanied with celery, scallions and a delicious panko breading. A yummy remoulade sauce was great for dipping.

Mr. Lovely had the amazing beef tenderloin. It was cooked perfectly and came with jambalaya, grilled asparagus, and a grilled vegetable medley of onions, bell peppers, and zucchini.

I did not get a picture of the crab and corn bisque, but it was very good and creamy.

After dinner we had to have a dessert! I ordered the bread pudding and Mr. Lovely had white chocolate cheesecake.
Bread Pudding with Meringue
This was the best bread pudding I have ever had in my life!!!! Even Mr. Lovely, who is a SUPER picky eater, loved it. There is an amazing sauce poured around the bread pudding that gives it a great boost of flavor. It's a type of alcohol (whiskey?) and you can definitely taste it on its own but in combination with the bread pudding and meringue it is heaven.

Mr. Lovely had the white chocolate cheesecake and he said it tasted better then the restaurant that is famous for their cheesecake (no names). I tasted it and I have to agree. It was pretty damn good.

Will I return to this restaurant again?? DEFINITELY!! The next time I will go for the cafe au lait, which disappointedly serves 4 and comes in a french press to table. I wanted it sooo bad but I already have enough energy, I don't need to down 4 cups of coffee. I'll take some coffee drinkers next time. 

Please support this amazing restaurant. It is definitely a date night type of place so bring your credit card and enjoy the most amazing food and restaurant in Cedar Hill.

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