Wednesday, August 7, 2013


As the summer winds down I realize that there is not much left on my list that I wanted to do. I pretty  much accomplished everything I wanted to do this summer.....give or take a few things. My trip to New Orleans was clearly the highlight. The hubby and I are going again in November, since he is a die hard Saints fan. I can't wait!!

This summer I read A LOT of blogs. I am on bloglovin daily no thanks to google reader. I also read a lot of books:

And I did a lot of this:

Now it is time to go back to school, with just one more week for me to hang out and relax. I plan to do a lot more of the above pics to the extreme and prep my classroom for my incoming firsties.

One last thought.......... Being a runner and blog reader I stumbled upon one of my recent FAVORITE bloggers, Skinny Runner, post. Read from it and take what you will.

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