Sunday, January 13, 2013

BG Time: Shopping

I will admit that I have a slight shopping problem. I really cannot control myself. There are things that people put in stores to taunt me.......

Dillards is by far one of my most favorite places to go home goods shopping. I am not a big fan of clothing shopping there, its just something about how the clothes are all over the place and you can go from country girl to rocker in two steps. I have a certain style and I like to shop at only a few select stores......Banana Republic....DUH!

BTW: I am extremely upset about Banana Republic being closed down in my nearest mall. I will have to drive almost 30 miles to get to the closest one. What's wrong with these people? Don't they understand that that is MY store!
I digress.. What did make me happy was the awesome steal that my mother-in-law and I got at Dillards. We went to one mall and they had all of their Christmas decor on sale for $1.99. They didn't really have a great selection so we paid it no mind. We decided to leave and go to another Dillards (she shares my same passion for home goods at Dillards) just to see if they offered any thing else. we were walking past the Christmas decor we noticed a few Vera Bradley pieces along with some really expensive Christmas ornaments. The prices were not $1.99 though. They were MUCH higher.  BING......Shopping brains are working.......If the other Dillards are selling their Christmas stuff for so cheap then we need to speak to the manager (much to the salespersons demise). We explained while smiling and batting our eyes and he agreed to let us have the stuff for $1.99. Vera Bradley Christmas Ornaments orig. $30.00 for $1.99 and Waterford Crystal Ornaments orig. $75.00 for $1.99. How Fabulous!         
These make great Christmas gifts! 

Later we bought out the entire Christmas section shopped for the Lenox Chirp bath set. I am obsessed with Lenox's Chirp Line. It is so dainty and beautiful. I really want to do my guest bath and half bath in their bath line. Dillards is discontinuing it so it was just our luck. 

Unfortunately, we only found a few of the pieces that day. My mother-in-law is also decorating with the same line. She is going with a Tiffany Blue theme for the walls. She love me!

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