Monday, January 14, 2013

Birchbox: January 2013

Birchbox is a great luxury that I receive every month. Anyone who knows me knows that I love free samples and while these samples are not free.....$10 per month, I feel like the products that they put in the box are worth it. If you want to sign up click here: Birchbox. Be patient! There is a 2-3 month waiting list. They email you when it's your turn to sign up.

I signed up for Birchbox about 4 months ago. I was on the waiting list for about 2 months. I received my Birchbox on Thursday, January 10. They charge me on the first of the month and I usually receive it by the 2nd week.

The box       

This month was pretty nice. It was called The Best Year Ever. They wanted to include some things to bring in the new year and "maximize your individual happiness"

They care....they really care

Here are all of the wonderful goodies for the month. The really try to pack it in there.


There was also a poster to highlight 25 ways to be fabulous. I already am so that was my least favorite....JK.....not really though.

The complete package 

I really enjoy getting this in the mail each month. Along with the magazines I receive and the bills, I feel a little more like a grown-up.

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