Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cooking Day

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to take a cooking class at Williams-Sonoma. Anyone can go, all you need to do is sign up on the Williams-Sonoma website. I went with my Mom, sister-in-law, and friend. It was a fun girls day. The chef prepared two yummy recipes with many of the ingredients that are located in the store. To start we had a ginger and carrot soup, which was heated using the super Vitamix blender. Man, those things are AWESOME, but I feel like I would have to give my first born just to own one. Apparently the soup did not need to be heated because the blender already heats it for you while it is blending......I told you AWESOME! The next meal was a tofu and broccoli stir-fry with a lemon and peppercorn simmer sauce.  I am not a huge fan of tofu so I probably would have added chicken or shrimp instead. Tofu just seems a little weird to me. What can I say I'm a carnivore.......don't judge. The last meal was a lentil and kale mix. This was really good. The lentils were prepared/boiled with thyme and whole garlic cloves. They had a really good taste to them and I think I want to start preparing them this way. They were then sauteed with carrots and onions, adding kale after to slightly wilt. To top it off she added prosciutto. Now were talking! We all really enjoyed the cooking class and hope to go again soon. They usually have the classes on Sunday's, 1-2 hours before the store opens. I suggest trying it out but don't expect huge portions. I think they gave us one piece of tofu and one piece of broccoli, a small scoop of lentil mix, and a small cup of carrot soup. It was free so beggars can't be choosy! 

Lovely's Girl


  1. I'm so exited about you're blog! Can't wait to read about the food adventures.

  2. Very excited about the blog babe! You have great things to come.