Saturday, June 8, 2013

H-Town...It's Goin' Down!

I was born in Houston and raised all over the United States mostly in Pennsylvania. I always claimed my Texas (Houston) nativeness (is that a word?) but Mr. Lovely says that it doesn't count because I left when I was around 3. I tell him that I was created and born in Houston and he is just jealous because he secretly wishes he was born in Houston rather than a state that is referred to as an object on ones foot!

I always liked Houston but I am kind of sad that I didn't get a chance to be raised there. I secretly dream that had I stayed I would have been a part of Destiny's Child. Beyonce and I would have been best friends and Kellie would have been hatin'. This would have never occurred though 'cause I lived close to Sugarland and Beyonce is from Third Ward. My parents divorce is the reason that my dreams of being rich, powerful, and running the world (GIRLS!) were crushed and Beyonce lost out on having the most spectacular friend ever!!! Oh the things that go through my head. I digress......

We took a little mini-vacay to Houston a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed myself. Mr. Lovely's cousin lives there and he took us on a super tour of the city. I mean this guy should have his own tour guide business because he knows Houston! Here are some pics......

I sooooo wish I would have went to this university. It is so beautiful!

Casa De Knowles.....Beyonce's house is a diamond in the rough. There is literally a strip club and drug deals goin' down right around the corner.

This is one of the most famous cupcake shops in Houston. Crave Cupcakes. They were delicious. I like the little decorations on top. Unlike Sprinkles, you can actually eat this fondant piece and still have all of your teeth in tact. I will tear up a Sprinkles cupcake so I am not complaining. I got the strawberry cupcake and ate it at midnight in the hotel room. Bad, bad girl.

Goode Co. has some really great BBQ. They are very similar to Pappas and the different varieties of restaurants. They have BBQ, Seafood, and Mexican spots. Pappas has a greek restaurant that I am dying to go to next time I visit. We have all of the Pappas restaurants here in Dallas but the greek.

Here is Mr. Lovely's rib plate with sides of jambalaya and potato salad. He is definitely not missing out on carbs.

Mr. Lovely's cousin had a HUGE BBQ stuffed baked potato.

We hit up the night life at a really cool outdoor park and shopping area.

Enough Said

This was a really cool pool and lounge area on top of a hotel.

This is the view from the lounge area. It overlooked the shops and outdoor park.

Beyonce's Best Friend!

The restaurant next to the lounge with an impressive wine and appetizer menu.

This is the line to get into one of the absolute best brunch spots in Houston. The Breakfast Klub. If you are ever in the Houston area PLEASE GO! It is soul food at its best!!

The line was RIDICULOUS but of course we waited...You didn't think I was going to miss out on this! 

It was a really fun trip and only 3 1/2 hours away makes it even better. I like the shopping and beautiful scenery that Houston has to offer. We visited a few more places like the Museum district, Medical district, Katy, the Galleria, and a few more spots. Houston is very similar to Dallas in what they offer but I do like the diversity and openness of Houston. Dallas can get a little stuffy and uppity, but I do love my city.

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