Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Must Haves

I was talking to my MIL the other day about shopping and if I have purchased anything new. I told her about a few steals that I got from Target a few weeks ago but nothing much. It got me thinking about my wish list and what I would like to purchase.
You see I am a super bargain shopper. I will not pay for anything full price. EVERYTHING goes on sale. I am even hoping that one day those beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes I die for will go down to the price I can afford want.
I bought some Gucci loafers once for $75 they were originally $400. This is why I wait. I feel like I am winning....Take that designer brands with crazy high markups!!
Here is the list of things that I must have before summer is over. Call me cheap but you won't call me lacking in style with no money in the bank.

Banana Republic
This lovely piece is from Banana Republic. It runs true to size but the top section is a little tight especially with my chest so I need to go up a size. I am waiting for this baby patiently.

Ann Taylor Loft
I am obsessed with jumpsuits right now. Sometimes I get into things and I cannot stop obsessing. The back of this jumpsuit is delicious. I really need this.

Ann Taylor Loft
I like this jumpsuit too. It is really cute and perfect with sandals and a statement necklace. I tried it on the other day and it was a little tight around the butt section. I usually wear a medium but I need to go up a size to make it comfortable. Jumpsuits should be comfortable not look painted on.
I love a good pair of wedges to run around in and these fit the bill. They are pretty cheap..$29....but I know Target and they will go on sale. Target is one of those stores where I will not EVER pay full price for ANYTHING. Their stuff always goes on sale!

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