Sunday, June 30, 2013

Penny for your thoughts

My hubby wanted to go to the mall the other day so dragged him kindly asked him to go to JC Penney with me to check out their new home collection/store. I heard that they revamped their home section and I was not disappointed. It was beautiful in there. Though it was empty, I was glad I got a chance to go during this time so I could take pictures to put on this little blog.

Everything is crisp, white, and organized

Martha Stewart had her little mark in the store.
 There were a lot of really cool gadgets that cooks would love.
I love this measuring cup that goes all the way to 4 cups.

See how cute this is.

In case you are looking for some cute plates and napkins for decoration. This is the place to go.


Here is a super cute recipe book/iPad holder.

This was amazing. These are individual cutting boards that are labeled for specific usage.

I really enjoyed this new area in JC Penney. I like their sleek style, the new gadgets, and how they are catering more to the average person who want to be a fabulous cook.....muah! 

I recently posted about this fab dress that I want at Banana Republic. Well we went in this weekend and it was on sale for $109 with 40% off. I have rewards and other coupons that I can use that will make this dress free. BUT.....I don't want to use them......I want to wait it out. Let's hope I don't regret it.

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