Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Fun Day

I have been sooooooo lazy lately. I get out of bed around 12 after playing all types of apps on my phone for 3 hours. It's BAD!

I had enough today so I decided to go to the Fort Worth Museum with my mom and nephew. I actually got out of bed, brushed my hair....well finger combed it.....put on my fresh to death fit and drove my lazy ass to Fort Worth. I had so much fun!

Note to self: More arm workout....starting now!
They had life size lightbrights!! I totally loved this. My mom had to use her mommy voice to make me get away from this.
Love these 2

After The Museum we went to eat at Zoe's Kitchen. This is my favorite place to eat when I am on that side of Fort Worth. I love Greek food and this place is just right. Their food is always fresh and they grill food right when you order it so it's nice and hot. I wish we had one by my house.

Zoe's Kitchen
They have a thing for runners. There is a special menu dedicated to pre and post running food. Their website is filled with recipes for some really good food. There is also a Zoe Blog. Check this restaurant out.
Ryan had a yummy turkey sandwich with fruit and an organic chocolate milk.
Mom...mid bite.....had shrimp kabobs with Greek salad, rice, and pita.
I had salmon kabobs with Greek salad, pita, and hummus. There is a dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar, and seasonings that they make in house. I am not a big fan of it so I asked for a lemon vinaigrette that I had before on another type of salad I ordered. My mom was not a fan of either and enjoyed her salad with the abundance of feta cheese and olives as flavoring.

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